Justice of the Peace Services


I’d be delighted to guide you through the legal process, help you develop a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple, guide your “JP for a Day”, and/or perform your wedding ceremony.

JP for a Day

In Massachusetts, a special friend or relative can apply to be appointed “Justice of the Peace for a Day”. The application should be submitted to the Governor’s Office at least six weeks before your wedding. The cost is about $25.

Legal Process

Both of you must go to any town clerk’s office in Massachusetts, and submit an application for a Marriage License. Different towns have different fees, so you should call the clerk’s office to check on fees, hours, and documentation required. You must wait three days (or obtain a court waiver) after applying before picking up your Marriage License, which is valid for 60 days. Your marriage must by solemnized by a JP or other appropriate officiant, who will sign the license, and return it to the issuing clerk’s office. You can have your wedding in any town in Massachusetts. The clerk will register the marriage, and for a fee, you can receive a certified copy of your Certificate of Marriage.

Ceremony Options

You can have any type of ceremony you want, from the minimal legally required with only the two of you and your officiant present to an elaborate ceremony with hundreds of guests, or anything in between. It’s really up to you.


The Ceremony Fee has been set by statute:

  • Ceremony in Mashpee (my hometown) - $100
  • Ceremony in any other Massachusetts town - $150

There is no charge for the initial phone discussion about what kind of ceremony you want, where you want to get married, when you want to get married, and whether I am available to officiate your ceremony. For those who want a minimal ceremony, the ceremony fee is the total fee. To hold your wedding date on my calendar, I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the ceremony fee. The balance is due before the ceremony on your wedding date.

Pre-ceremony fees will be charged at an hourly rate of $90 per hour.

This includes time to guide you through the development of your ceremony, coordinate participants, rehearsal, travel, and any in-person meetings. It also includes time to guide your “JP for a Day”, if that would be helpful.