Attorney Susan (Sue) Wilson's background in nursing has greatly influenced how she practices law. In addition to obtaining fair compensation for clients, who have been negligently injured, she aspires to prevent injuries through education and legislative efforts.

Sue compassionately represents victims of negligence, whether they have sustained short-term or life-changing injuries. She advocates for her clients through the health care, insurance, and legal processes. Most cases are resolved informally through the claims settlement process.

However, when an insurance company acts unfairly and will not make a reasonable settlement offer, Sue will litigate the case. Some litigated cases are resolved through trial, but most are resolved through mediation, arbitration, or agreement.

Sue and her clients work as a team. At each stage of a case, after considering the facts, the evidence, and the client's needs and priorities, the decisions about how to proceed are made together.

Sue handles most cases on a contingency basis, meaning that no attorney's fees are collected until the case is resolved. This enables Sue to assist clients with personal injury cases, regardless of their economic background or current financial situation.